Sell Us Your Car at Southern Pines Select

Sell Us Your Car at Southern Pines Select

Get a Cash Offer For Your Car 

Selling your old car on your own can be a real headache. You have to find a reliable buyer, figure out where to meet, and ensure everything goes smoothly with the finances. But what if there was a simpler way to get rid of your old car and get what it's really worth? That's where we come in at Southern Pines Select! We'll buy your old car for a fantastic price, and if you're looking for an upgrade, we can give you credit for your trade-in and help you save big on your next ride. 

Value Your Trade in Pinehurst 

Are you looking to get the most out of your old car? Then look no further than Southern Pines Select! We are the go-to used car dealership in Southern Pines for trading in and getting money back for your old car, truck, or SUV. Valuing your trade with us is simple! All you have to do is go to our website and fill out a short form with your contact and vehicle information, and you'll have an estimation of the max credit you can receive on your car in no time. The process is quick and only takes seconds, so why not give us a try? Let Southern Pines Select hook you up with the most value for your old ride today.

Get Paid or Upgrade: The Choice Is Yours! 

Selling your old car on your own is a stressful process with many risks, especially if you're not familiar with the true value of your vehicle. Southern Pines Select has your back if you're a Sanford driver looking to get the most out of your old car! After you value your trade on our website, our team of appraisers can provide you with an accurate valuation of your vehicle. Simply bring it in for a brief inspection by one of our certified service technicians, and we'll give you a detailed estimate. From there, the choice is yours - you can opt to receive cash or store credit for your old car. Give us a call or stop by our dealership and let us give you the best possible value for your old ride today!