Southern Pines, NC drivers with lots of cargo to tow can always take advantage of roof racks. This secure, exterior storage makes it possible for motorists to carry all of their essentials, and while still enjoying plenty of space at the vehicle interior. At Southern Pines Pre-Owned Superstore, we're committed to helping consumers learn how to use these accessories safely and correctly.

Load Your Cargo Container While It's on Top of the Vehicle

To load your roof rack, you'll need to choose an appropriate container for your items. A good cargo box or cargo bag will fit the rack perfectly. It will also be made from materials that are capable of weathering both the outdoor elements and the strong wind speeds resulting from normal driving. Rather than loading your container while it's on the ground, always be sure to load it after it's been placed securely on the rack. Doing so can prevent physical injury by making it unnecessary to lift any considerable amount of weight over your head.

Be Mindful of the Change in Your Vehicle's Height

It is generally best to remove your roof rack whenever this accessory is not being used. By eliminating both aerodynamic drag and excess weight, removing your roof rack will improve your gas mileage. Whenever the rack is on, be mindful of the changes that it creates in your vehicle's overall height, particularly when it's loaded. For additional tips on choosing and loading a roof rack, or to have your auto serviced by seasoned professionals, drop by Southern Pines Pre-Owned Superstore now.