Backup cameras are one device that's guaranteed to make driving safer. When backing out of somewhere, mirrors can only show you so much. It's the same with sticking your head out the window - you still won't know exactly what's behind you. At Southern Pines Pre-Owned Superstore, we know that our customers want to stay informed about safety features that could help them - the backup camera is one example of a feature that will.

As we've outlined already, there are limitations to what you can see with only mirrors. The backup camera helps your rear vision by utilizing a wide-angle lens to show you everything behind your vehicle, including the space underneath the rear windshield. That way, you can backup and know you're safe without even craning your neck.

Backup cameras are so simple that it seems strange they haven't existed before. However, the tech is pretty advanced. If you don't believe it, pay us a visit in Southern Pines, NC. You can see how these cameras work firsthand while test-driving one of our vehicles.

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