No matter where you roam in your vehicle, your child should always be properly secured in a child safety seat. To keep them safe at all times, the car seat should be properly anchored and installed in a rear seat. To provide guidance for this process, we at Southern Pines Pre-Owned Superstore offer these important tips.

If you must use a seat belt to anchor the car seat, make absolutely sure that the seat belt is locked before you fasten the belt. You do this by extending the belt all the way out until you reach the end. After this, the belt will retract more slowly, indicating it is locked.

It's also important to understand that anytime you transfer the car seat to a new vehicle in Southern Pines Pre-Owned Superstore, you should check that vehicle's owner's manual to ensure you're installing the car seat correctly. If LATCH anchors are positioned differently, for example, it's important to know this before installing the car seat.