A blind spot monitor is a popular safety feature that is seen in many newer models. While they are usually standard in luxury vehicles, economy vehicles typically offer blind spot monitors as an available safety feature. If you have a blind spot monitor, then understanding how it works can help you get the most use out of this advanced safety feature. Let's learn more about blind spot monitors.

A blind spot monitor uses sensors to detect cars that move into your blind spots. When the system detects a vehicle, then it will issue a warning to the driver. Most blind spot monitors offer visual and audible alerts, and many visual alerts appear on the side mirrors as a flashing icon.

Our Southern Pines, NC customers like blind spot monitors because they offer enhanced security and reduce the risk of lane-change collisions. The IIHS explained that blind spot monitors reduce the likelihood of lane-change collisions by 14 percent and lane-change collision injuries by 23 percent.

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