A Blind Spot Monitoring System Explained

Our team at Southern Pines Pre-Owned Superstore in Southern Pines, NC stays current on all the features that are offered with the vehicles in our inventory. The rapid advancements in the automotive industry have resulted in a plethora of innovative safety features that provide drivers and passengers with outstanding protection. Blind Spot Monitors are one of the most popular safety features on the market.

An estimated 9% of automobiles have a Blind Spot Monitor as a standard safety feature, and roughly 57% of new models offer it as an available safety feature. It is one of the most popular available safety features because it can significantly reduce the risk of a lane-change accident. The IIHS reported that Blind Spot Monitors have reduced lane-change accident injuries by 23% and lane-change collisions by 14%.

A Blind Spot Monitor works by using sensors to detect for vehicles that enter your blind spot zones. In most cases, a visual alert will appear on the side mirrors when a vehicle is detected.

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