What Makes a Dog-Friendly Vehicle?

Many dog owners treat their family dogs like family members and take them out and about. If you fit into this category, we want to help you become informed on what to look for in a dog-friendly vehicle. Stop at Southern Pines Pre-Owned Superstore and allow us to show you what we have on hand and what we can offer in the way of dog supplies.

Keep in mind that your dog will be spending most of the time in the back seat, so look for vehicles that have adjustable seat belts for dog harnesses; separate climate control; low backseat height, sliding doors, all-season floor mats, and pet gate compatibility. All cars may not offer all these features but try to find as many as possible.

Give us a call or pay us a visit at our Southern Pines, NC dealership. Check out the many dog-friendly vehicles we have. We invite you to bring your dog and take one out for a test drive.

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