Keep Your Vehicle's Interior Looking Great With Rubber or Carpet Floor Mats

You want the interior of your vehicle looking it's best. That's why you've decided to get new floor mats. But should you choose the durability of a rubber mat or the luxury of new carpet mats? Here's how to determine which kind will work best for you.

Rubber mats are great for people who can't seem to keep the interior or their cars clean. Some people live in areas that get more precipitation, and that can leave a mess on your shoes that you bring into the vehicle. You might also have kids that track in a lot of dirt. Rubber mats clean off easily, but you'll only find a very approximate match because there aren't that many color options.

Carpet mats come in many colors, so you'll be able to find a very close match to your existing upholstery. They also look high-end. The one drawback is that they're not as easy to keep clean.



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